First Steps after an Accident

What First Steps Should I Take After an Accident?

  1. I cannot stress this enough - DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING THE INSURANCE COMPANY GIVES YOU! Also, do not give a statement to the insurance company until you have spoken to your Seattle Personal Injury Attorney.
  2. Take Notes. Make sure and preserve the account by writing down or recording (if possible) what you recall. This documentation of the accident will allow you to have that fresh memory that is vital later in your claim.  In this modern day and age it is fairly simple to record the surroundings and document the accident with your phone, so we highly recommend using that technology to your advantage.
  3. Take photos. Much like the above step, this is essential if the area is under construction as road conditions can change dramatically and quickly. Take photos of the other involved vehicle(s), license plate(s), even witnesses if they are willing, VIN (vehicle identification number) of other car (this will be on the insurance card and/or on the lower right hand box through the windshield), intersection(s), lighting, etc. Take photos of the area you fell if this is a slip and fall case, accurate recording of the incident and surrounding circumstances can be crucial as business owners may hinder any recovery by quickly correcting the area in which you suffered your injury.
  4. Get witness information. Get their name, email, and telephone number.  If they are willing, even record what they have to say at the time using your cellphone's video recorder, again a fresh memory of the accident can be crucial.  You may even want to see if any surrounding business owners heard or saw anything and if they have a recording device that points in your direction.
  5. Get the information of the at-fault driver or of the business. This is also essential if a vehicle is owned by someone else or is being used for work purposes (if a vehicle is owned by a company used for employment purposes, the company can be held responsible as well).
  6. Get a police report if possible. Many times an officer's report is extremely valuable in an accident claim.

These first steps are crucial in an any accident case and can be vital to your Seattle Injury Pros when assessing the value of your claim.

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