• Auto Accident Settlement - $50,000

    December 2019

    Mr. Webb garnered a policy limits settlement for a client involved in an auto accident.  The client was struck from behind by another driver and suffered injuries to their neck and spine.   Read On

  • Auto Accident Settlement - $125,000

    July 2018

    We assisted a mother who was pregnant and rear-ended. Her son was born prematurely, but without injury.  Settled after mediation for $125,000. Read On

  • Auto Accident Settlement - $28,000

    May 2019

    Client was a passenger in a vehicle and was rear-ended.  After filing a lawsuit, the parties reached a settlement for 3x what was previously offered.   Read On

  • Auto Accident Settlement $100,000!

    May 2019

    Client was involved in a rollover collision in Bellevue.  Other driver claims it was our client's fault and that she had been drinking.  Closed out the case with the at-fault driver's insurance company for policy limits of $100,000! Read On

  • Dismissed! - DUI, Hit and Run and Reckless - client is alleged to have had a BAC of .211/.217!

    April 2014

    On April 7, 2014 a King County District Court Judge dismissed my client's charges of DUI, Hit and Run and Reckless Driving. I took this case in front of a judge because I knew the City had an extremely tricky situation in front of it, that is, there was no proof my client was the actual driver a... Read On

  • Denial of private conversaton = Dismissal of DUI!

    March 2014

    A cliché but some days you are the windshield and sometimes you are the bug. Today my client was the windshield as her DUI charge was dismissed with prejudice after an evidentiary hearing. On March 10, 2014 I argued to a judge in King County District Court that my client's right to have a priva... Read On

  • DUI (Physical Control) Dismissed!

    January 2014

    Client was alleged to have blown twice the legal limit, regurgitated on himself, found slumped over the steering wheel of his vehicle by security officers and was so intoxicated they could not understand him. Mr. Webb negotiated this dismissal with the City after providing witness statements and case law proving an affirmative defense. The City agreed with Mr. Webb's position and the case was dismissed! Read On

  • Not Guilty DUI Verdict!

    City of Tacoma v. A.W.  Client was alleged to have blown over twice the legal limit, raced his motorcycle down a city block, fail field sobriety tests and have an overwhelming odor of alcohol on his breath.  Result - Not Guilty by Jury! Read On

  • Dismissed! DUI with Breath Tests of .219 and .217!

    March 2013

    Defendant was alleged to have blown .250 on a portable breath test at the scene, and again at the station with results of .219 and .217.  The trooper alleges he observed bloodshot, watery eyes, flushed face, slurred speech and poor coordination.  Nate Webb, Seattle DUI Attorney, argued that there... Read On

  • DUI Jury Trial (Refusal of BAC) = Not Guilty!

    February 2013

    Chelan County District Court case wherein the client proceeded to trial after it was alleged she swerved four separate times, drove 11 MPH over the limit, failed all three sobriety tests and refused the BAC.  Not Guilty! State v. D.E. Read On

  • DOL Dismissal with BAC of .206 and .210!

    February 2013

    Client was alleged to have wrecked his vehicle, perform poorly on field sobriety tests, and subsequently provided BAC results of .206 and .210.  The DOL hearing officer took testimony from both the arresting officer and my client.  She found my client's testimony more convincing and dismissed the... Read On

  • DOL suspension Dismissed!

    January 2013

    DOL v. B.C. - client was alleged to have driven without a front license plate, failed field sobriety tests, refused a breath test on the scene and at the station.  Seattle DUI Attorney, Nate Webb, argued client was not properly informed of the license suspension implications.  DISMISSED! January ... Read On

  • Not Guilty DUI (Marijuana) Verdict!

    Client charged with marijuana DUI. Not Guilty. Read On

  • Dismissed!

    October 2012

    Nate Webb successfully argued for a dismissal of the suspension of a client's driver's license. Read On

  • DUI Dismissed!

    October 2011

    Second DUI offense within a 7 year period (facing 30 days in jail as a mandatory minimum if convicted). Read On

  • DUI Dismissed!

    DUI Defense Attorneys sometimes have to fight two charges at the same time, this was a DUI and Reckless Driving charge case. Read On

  • DUI Refusal Dismissed!

    After evidentiary hearing the case was dismissed for lack of reasonable suspicion to stop driver. Read On

  • Not Guilty Verdict!

    Not Guilty Furnishing Liquor to a Minor Verdict! Read On

  • Dismissed!

    Obstruction - failing to cooperate during DV investigation. Read On

  • Assault Dismissed!

    Second assault charge in two years Read On

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