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What is Worker's Compensation (L&I - Labor and Industries-Industrial Coverage)?

Workers' compensation is essentially insurance coverage for you, as employee, while at work for injuries suffered on the job.  It is no-fault coverage, meaning even if your employer is at fault, you cannot sue them for your injuries, but must go through L&I.  It applies to most Washington state workers and employers.  Exceptions can be viewed here.

What benefits does Worker's Comp include: if you are injured, L&I will pay for your medical treatment or those employees who develop an "occupational disease" as a result of activities while employed.

If you are unable to work due to an injury you may be able to collect some benefits in additional to your medical costs.

What does it pay for?

L&I will pay for the costs associated with medical costs, hospital costs, vocational costs which are related to an approved injury on the job.

Additionally, an injured worker can receive compensation if they are temporarily unable to work full-time.

Worker's Compensation must be provided to employees by all Washington State employers, and in turn, employees may not normally (with very limited exceptions) sue for damages suffered as a result of their on-the-job injury or illness.

Why Does Someone Need an Attorney when Pursuing an L&I Claim?

Many times the on-the-job injury will be denied or the amount of coverage will be limited or insufficient to cover the claim or there will be a dispute over whether it was an on-the-job injury or illness.  Employees are then required to go through a very complicated protest and appeal process. This is where it is essential you have the Webb Law Firm assist you so that you are garnering every benefit and compensation for which you are deserving under Worker's Comp. Has your claim been rejected?

What if you are permanently disabled and unable to work due to your injury? If you are now either permanently partially disabled or permanently totally disabled then you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance - money to cover your expenses while you are unable to perform the same or similar job.

How Long do I have to file a claim?

Obviously, this is a very good (and normal) question. The time period to file an L&I claim is what is referred to as the Statute of Limitations .

1. For injuries, the time period is one year from the date of the injury: RCW 51.28.050

2. For occupational diseases, it is two years from the date of "notice." What is "notice?" It is defined here: RCW 51.28.055

To learn more about Social Security Disability Insurance Claims - visit our SSDI Page.

We can help you appeal if you have been denied an SSDI or SSI claim!

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